Community Relations Team


The Diamond Shamrock Community Relations Team (DSCRT) is a responsive community dedicated to communicating information to the public concerning the clean up of the Diamond Shamrock Painesville Works site.

The team meets on a quarterly basis and is comprised of the following individuals:



Lee Bodnar Painesville Township
Malcolm Chafer Painesville Township Citizens
Linda Coffman Village of Fairport Citizens
Jeannette Crislip Painesville Township
Todd Davis Hemisphere Corp.
Paul Dugas Painesville PRP Group
Kristen Fink Lake County General Health District (Alternate)
Verne Horton Village of Fairport Citizens
Ted Galuschik Painesville Township Citizens
Tom Hilston Village of Fairport
Chris Hodges Lake County
Jill Horvath City of Painesville Citizens
Bill Hutton Painesville PRP Group
Frank Kellogg Lake County General Health District
Laura Kramer Kuns Lake County General Health District
Chris Loxterman Lake County General Health District (Alternate)
Rita McMahon City of Painesville
Mark Mlachak City of Painesville Citizens
Teri Heer Ohio EPA
Doug Harrison Village of Fairport
NEDO Pic Contact Ohio EPA