History of the DSCRT

The initial meeting of The Diamond Shamrock Community Relations Team (DSCRT) was held on October 3, 1995. The participants at the meeting were comprised of representatives from the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP Group), public officials from the three communities in which the Site is located, and representatives from the Ohio EPA and the Lake County General Health District. There was open discussion among the participants to determine the role of the team. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential of forming a team of the various interested parties that could monitor the investigation and remediation process at the Diamond Shamrock Painesville Works Site and communicate the activities to the residents of the involved communities. The formation of the team was also an acknowledgment of the lengthy investigation and remediation process and the fact that the residents of the community would need a consistent resource to obtain current information about the Site activities. It was agreed that all the interested parties have the ultimate goal: successful “clean-up” of the Diamond Shamrock Site. The composition of the team, the need for a mission statement and by laws, election of officers and communication with the public at large was the basis of discussion at the next organizational meetings.

The mission of the DSCRT is “to serve as a responsive community team dedicated to communicating information and addressing public concerns regarding the investigation, remediation and future development of the Diamond Shamrock Painesville Works Site.” To that end the team adopted the first bylaws on June 20, 1996, elected officers, and formed a Communications Committee. The Role of the Communications Committee has been to develop and publish the DSCRT newsletter and to assist in the notification of the public concerning the public meetings held regarding the activities and plans at the Site. The DSCRT newsletter is designed to convey accurate and objective information regarding the Site that can be easily understood by the general public. Additionally, the Communications Committee provides a contact for the public to ask questions and express concerns regarding the Site.

The current representation on the DSCRT is comprised of the following:

  • Ohio EPA representatives
  • Lake County General Health District representatives
  • Lake County Commissioners representatives
  • PRP Group representatives
  • Public Officials from the following communities: Painesville City, Painesville Township and Fairport Harbor
  • Residents from the following communities: Painesville City, Painesville Township and Fairport Harbor
  • Hemisphere Development representatives