Grand River Restoration
After extensive studying and redevelopment, the banks of the Grand River have been restored. The slopes of the river have been redesigned, and water plant life originally found in this area has been replanted to help prevent future erosion and restore the area’s natural habitat. A walking path has also been developed to increase public access to the Grand River. The work, performed with input from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Ohio EPA, and the Lake County MetroParks, is a model for river restoration.


before             after
Before                                                    After

Natural Gas Main to be Relocated
Contractors will soon begin relocating approximately 3,300 linear feet of a 20-inch diameter high pressure natural gas main that runs through areas OU15 and OU6. Because its current location is in an active construction area, this natural gas main is being permanently relocated outside the expected new development area. The majority of the work will be done between June 1 and August 15, 2008. Service disruptions are not anticipated during the course of the project. All of the gas main relocation work in this area will be done under the supervision of the Dominion East Ohio Gas Company and will be complete by October 2008.

Temporary Grand River Bridge Built
In consideration of the municipalities and neighbors surrounding the Site, it was determined that building a temporary bridge over the Grand River would be the most effective way to transport approximately one million cubic yards of clean soil throughout the Site rather than using city streets. The temporary bridge prevented remediation workers from driving 74,000 truckloads, or 3.4 trillion lbs. of clean dirt, through Painesville and Fairport Harbor. That’s enough trucks to stretch from the Site to Baltimore.