Remediation Efforts

Remediation Efforts

In 1995, Chemical Land Holdings, Inc. (now Tierra Solutions, Inc. – TSI), Maxus Energy Corporation, Occidental Chemical Corporation, the Painesville Township Board of Trustees, Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc., the Village of Fairport Harbor, and the Painesville Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP) Group entered into an agreement with Ohio EPA for the performance of a remedial investigation and feasibility study (RI/FS) at the Diamond Shamrock Painesville Works Site. This agreement, known as Director’s Final Findings and Orders, required the local government, corporations and individuals (PRPs) which signed the agreement with Ohio EPA, to determine the nature and extent of contamination at the Site and propose ways to remediate it. The Painesville PRP Group has coordinated the RI/FS activities at the Site, on behalf of all of the PRPs.

Due to the sheer size of the Site and the amount of work that needed to be performed to fulfill the requirements of the Orders, the remedial investigation was performed in two phases. Phase I consisted of focused sampling in areas of known or suspected contamination in order to determine what types of contamination were present in soils, surface water and ground water. Phase II combined the information obtained from Phase I activities with historical data to develop a list of potential contaminants of concern for individual portions of the Site. More widespread sampling of soil, surface water and ground water was then performed across the site, focusing on the potential contaminants of concern and determining where and in what concentration they existed across the Site. The Phase I and Phase II Remedial Investigation Reports were approved by Ohio EPA in 1999 and 2003, respectively.

Following completion of the investigation activities, the PRPs divided the 1100-acre site into 19 operable units, which subsequently expanded into the 22 operable units that are present today. These include 3 ground water operable units (OU1N-Lake, OU1N-River and OU1S) and 19 land-based operable units. Individual feasibility studies will be performed for each operable unit. click here to see map

Remedial investigation work established that several portions of the site were “clean”, and they were subsequently released from the Site. These included: property formerly owned by Fairport Machine and Manufacturing and Roadway, located on East Street, south of the Fairport ballfields; Parcel 7A1, located on the southeast corner of the Site, near Elm Street and State Route 2; and Operable Unit 19, located on the southern edge of the Site, on Elm Street.

The Painesville PRP Group continues to move forward with the completion of feasibility studies for the remainder of the Site. These reports are scheduled to be submitted to Ohio EPA, at varying intervals between now and the end of 2010. As feasibility studies are completed for the individual operable units, Ohio EPA is preparing preferred plans outlining the Agency’s recommended remedy for each operable unit. These preferred plans are issued for public comment prior to finalization by Ohio EPA in a decision document. Once the decision document is issued, the Agency will begin to negotiate Orders with responsible parties for the appropriate remediation of each operable unit.

Ohio EPA’s goal is to make sure any property released from the Site is safe for both human health and the environment.